Thursday, August 28, 2014

At Long Last

At long last, I've completed the long sleeves for my Acer Cardigan.  About a week ago, DH and I spent a week at the in-law's lake house in Pennsylvania. 

No wifi, no stores, no restaurants, no cafes, no office,  nothing nearby without a 30 minute drive. Boring you say? Perfect for knitting I say!!

I arrived with Five WIPS and came back with 2 completed, Sleeves done on Acer and a fourth whirling along.

Wisp: done
Snow Drops & Snap Peas: done
Acer Caridgan: Sleeves done, body done, just finishing left
Milky Way Scarf: progress made
Echo Flower shawl: never made it to the light of day.

There was also time for hiking and mushroom hunting, a new interest of mine. Notice double duty of my knitting tape measure to help ID the fungus' we encountered.  Mushrooming is more difficult than I anticipated.  Although, it's easy enough to find dozens of them, they all look similar to my untrained eye. I have yet to ID most of them.

More about my trip to come.

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