Friday, December 27, 2013

A Galaxy of Inspiration

Inspiration for knitting comes from many places, some unexpected.

It's not unusual to start a new project after reading a knitting magazine or browsing Ravelry.  But, it can also come from more surprising sources.

 I recently attended a showing of "Dark Universe" at the Hayden Planetarium. Visually stunning and packed with information, you may want to see it twice so you don't miss anything.

My husband & I went with a few friends, including a Professor of Astrophysics from New York University.  After the show, she seemed to enjoy answering our numerous silly questions.

Around the same time I had come across a beautiful lace scarf pattern called "Milky Way".   I began thinking about what galaxies, such as the Milky way, are: A collection of stars such as our sun.  The pattern page shows the scarf knit in blue but stars come in a number of colors.

Stars can be blue, but also, orange, yellow, white and of course red.  So it made perfect sense to knit this scarf using the orange yarn in my stash.  Cephalopad Skinny Bugga in the colorway Bronze Moth.  My project here.

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