Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mom Socks Done

Here is a pic of the finished Mother's Day Socks, but on my feet. I will visited mom on the 8th and we'll know how successful they are. If they do end up fitting with the  - with the early heel flap, three needle sizes, etc. I'll post the pattern here.  If they don't fit, I'm back to the pattern drawing board.

I already have plans for a mohair shawl for mom's xmas gift.  I'm not a lace knitter, so looking for a simple stockinette shawl pattern.  I'll add a ruffle trim to the edge. Order 3 skeins of Anny Blatt Fine Kid in Noir. hmmm, soft.

Have never made a triangle shaped shawl, just the Clapotis.  Plan on using a shawl recipe. Might made a practice shawl with stash yarn, before using the more pricey mohair.

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