Monday, May 3, 2010

It's all coming together

Very excited that the sleeves are done for my Central Park Hoodie (Cascade 220 Heathers, color is Turtle).  This sweater seemed to be going on & on. Just endless and not seeing much progress even with the body complete. But it was in a bag in the closet while I worked on the loooooong sleeves. Two of then, no less.

But now suddenly it seems close to finished.  The last two hurdles will be to customize the hood and also the button band.

The hood, as written, creates a "pixie" point at the top back.  I really don't like this look.  Do not want a pointy head. So I've researched and found a boxy rounded modification.

Also, as originally written the button band has no buttons nor button holes.   Well, there is actually an alternate for button loops, but I prefer real button holes, even if it means more work and planning ahead.   I mean knitting a sweater is a lot of work, the finished piece might as well be exactly how you like it.

So will look around on Ravelry to see the method & number of buttons that look the most appealing. 

And as usual I will be completing a warm sweater during the warm weather and am likely to start on a linen/cotton top soon, which I'll complete next winter.


  1. Maggie Righetti (a knittin guru from the 1950/1960's) points outs:
    Button holes are Bitch.

    the very best button holes for cross wise knit (pick up stitches along front edge and knit) are Lucy Neatby's (find her web page Trade winds) she used to have a free tutorial, but i don't know where its hidden.

    the second best button holes are:

    Knit to hole, drop yarn, bind off (slip 2 stitches to right needle, pass one over the other (un knit/worked) Repeat as often as needed (bind off 3, or 4 or X stitches)
    return last stitch to left needle.

    pick up yarn, turn work, and using KNIT or Cable cast on, cast on as many as you bound off+1.
    turn work slip last cast on stitch to left needle (and as you do, move yarn to back of work.

    Knit 2 together. (this corrects count and re-enforces button hole edge.

    (last cast on and last stitch from bind off) continue row till next button hole, and repeat.)
    this button hole can be use on vertical knit bands (knit a band, and sew to front) --just make sure that the K2tog comes at OUTER edge (the outer edge gets the stress) not on the edge that will be seamed.

    Neo knits has a tutorial for this buttonhole (i taught her it years ago.. (10-63 cafe!) on her blog.

    (it's Maggie's solution)

    (i know a few other button holes--but these are the best!)

    Cable cast on is best i think (it is less stretchy!)

    One trick is to knit the button band first, then the button hole band. its easier to get the placement right.

  2. These are great!. Thanks.