Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sock Heels

Since I'm customizing a sock pattern I've n reading up on heel turns a bit.  Here is a great visual web page on a variety of heels.  It's from the Knitting Geek.

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  1. and then there are short row, and afterthought heels, with or with out gussets.

    some are short row heels have a single line of decreases--other have a Y shape (inverted) and there is the cuban heel - a short row heel that extends upward (aka the style of heel once found on seamed silk or nylon stocking.. (it is a heel that is tall and narrow)

    there are strong heels (named for a woman named strong--and not expecially sturdy!) and gurnsey heels..

    and then there are reverse engineered gusset heels for toe up socks.. (i haven't done all the different style of heels.. but some..

    there are easily 2 dozen ways to turn a heel! (and yet, a good 75% of sock patterns will suggest a V (handkercheif) or round or half round heel!)