Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Music, Kayaking & Knitting - Life can be Great at Times

My husband & I drove up to Beacon & interview Pete Seeger at home for a documentary. Pete & his wife were so welcoming to allow us in their home a second time. They even fed us toast with peanut butter & coffee. One of the funniest parts of the morning was while Pete was talking & singing for the camera, one of the cats started meowing loudly because it wanted to sit on my lap & be petted. It stayed for 20 minutes.

In Japan a human being can be designated as a National Treasure. If we had that here, I would nominate Pete Seeger.

After this great morning we put in at Cold Spring. Met a guy in a t-shirt & shorts who good naturally mocked us for wearing wet suits when it was 70 degrees out. Well, the water temps were only 48, a
nd the wind chill on the river, well...

NOAA radio said 15mph winds, but it sure felt like a lot more. Whitecaps and waves washing over the desk. We crossed over, headed north making almost no headway. Once we got to the corner we couldn't move forward and turned back. Visited the sheltered and very calm Constitution Marsh.

It being low tide we didn't get very far.

No matter, had a great time just hanging out chatting with R and knitting. Also met a fellow, Dan, with a beautiful hand made wooden boat. He's a mechanic and gave us very useful advice, like change the timing belt after 105,000 miles on a Honda Civic.

Had our usual post-paddle burger & a beer in town. btw. Anyone notice my new Werner Carbon Ikelos paddle? Love it!

All around one of the best days ever.

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  1. beautiful blue--socks? or fingerless gloves? or something else?

    I've been up close to Pete (at concerts and other performances) but i envy you for being a guest in his home--keep us posted on the documentary, too!