Saturday, January 9, 2010

If the rest of 2010 is like the first day...

Then it will be a fabulous year. R & I started off the year doing kayak assist for the Polar Bear Club. Silly us, we expected about 20 hearty seniors to dip in their toes and run right out again. To our surprise it was hundreds of people, mainly under 40. Many stayed in the water for 15 minutes or more. Wow.

There I was in my dry suit and hand knit alpaca hat and ironically most other women there were in bikinis. Very funny. The whole joy hundreds of laughing people running into the water to celebrate another years made the spontaneously burst out in laughter. Would love to do this again next year.

On the knitting front, have been working away. I was half through my Wisteria sweater and my Owls sweater when xmas gift gift knitting took over. Altered & combined online patterns to make Robert a dickey. He hates scarves for some reason. Never wears 'em. I wear the cashmere scarf I made for him.

Also, there was the xmas sock disaster. My mom was begging for a pair of handmade socks, yet never foudn time to measure her tiny foot & heavier calves & ankles). The pair I knit by guessing were just right on the calf, way too wide on the ankle and way to short on the foot. Might start another pair later this year after I finish a few of my own projects. Involves customizing a pattern which I am not good at.

Between xmas & New Years I made and effort to complete several WIPS. Great to have them done. Filled up my gift stash again.

Now onto on Earl Grey birthday socks in red stroll. All good except my CL stitch looks like a knot with a hole each time. Can't find anyone else with this problem, and therefore no solution or guide posted. It's just one stitch and no one will notice but me. Still curious how to do this correctly.

After these socks looking forward to the sweater. PLan to knit lots during the Vermont skiing trip in a few weeks. Have a few plans for Springtime stash busting. A few people plan to get BCU certification this Spring. All around it looks like a good year.

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