Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Look Out, WWWKiP is Coming Soon

I am always doing embarrassing things, so knitting in public is child's play to me. But, surprisingly, many people are embarrassed to pull out those needles & yarn in front of others and knit away. They feel knitting is a deep dark secret that should only be done in the privacy of their own home with the shades drawn and the lights out. Wait, can't see my stitches. Ok, leave the lights on.

But there is help, it's called WWWKiP Day or World Wide Knit in Public Day. Most events are on June 13, but confusingly, this year there are also events on June 14, 20 & 21.

You can find a local KIP here.

I will probably bike over to the local KIP event in Park Slope or Central Park.

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