Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Excuses, excuses

I know I'm suppose to be increasing the neck trim of my Textured Circle Shrug this week, but I am still on the K1, P1 of Eternity. And I have a good reason why I'm a week behind in this Knit-a-long. It's all Miss Abagail Adam's fault. I have photographic evidence. How could I disturb a sleeping kitty for my own selfish knitting purposes?

I guess having my knit pick circs break (cable came out of the end) while I was on round 1 of K1,P1 didn't help either. Had to do a big chunk over again while trying not lose more of the stitches and then knit in a new circ cable.

Otherwise, this is a great project. Loving the Berroco Pure Merino. It's very heavy in actual weight, so this will be a super warm and heavy shrug. Looking forward to the first chilly day to throw it over a t-shirt.

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