Friday, May 15, 2009

So I Lied

I did bike to work today after, since my husband was able to wait for the cable guy.

Biking is especially fun when there is a tent of people serving hot coffee and handing out free food at the bottom of the Queensboro Bridge.

I also got an important update on bike lane plans for the the Pulaski Bridge. Right now, it is actuly illegal to ride your bike over this Bridge (connecting Queens with Brooklyn). Last year my husband received a $200 ticket for this.

It's not clearly marked that you need to walk you bike across, but IT IS clearly marked that this bridge is part of the bike route. So people just bike across never realizing they are breaking the law. They only find out when there is a police trap at the bottom and they are handed a ticket.

The secret is that if you contest this ticket, most cops don't think it worth their while to make a court appearance and it gets dismissed.

So tonight is a Pulaski Bridge Rally for a real bike lane. Afterall, do we really need 6 lanes on the bridge when there is never much volume and the off ramp is only 4 lanes anyway?

The afterparty is at The Creek in Long Island City. There'll be a bunch of kayakers there as well. Beforehand, I'm attending the Avedon opening at the International Center of Photography, so I'll miss the rally.

Tomorrow Ted, the new head of the Boathouse, brings the boats to Red Hook for teh afternoon, possibly paddle to the Statue of Liberty.

In the evening Robert, Laura & Imeet to plan our July Kingston to Cold Spring kayak/camping trip. Sunday I finally go to see Star Trek. I must be the last person on earth who hasn't seen it yet. All good things.

On top of that, we are slowly dragging ourselves out of the stone age with internet at home .We can communicate at least on an email. Who knows maybe next we'll do something crazy like start texting or twittering. Nah, who am I kidding?

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