Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shrugging maybe to a shrug

There is a new KAL starting to make the Textured Circle Shrug. It appears in the Glam Knits book , but is available for free on the Lion Brand web site. I really like the way to looks, but my one reservation is the sleeves. I have thick upper arms and I fear the texture or ribbing will give me sumo wrestler arms.

The question is, can I alter the pattern or yarn for a sleeker sleeve? One idea I have is to use the aran or heavy worsted wool recommend and do a plain stockinette sleeve or replace the lumpy area with simple eyelet or another flat lying texture.

Another option I'm considering along with OR instead of the pattern change is to use a silk or alpaca blend yarn. I silk silk would drape more, but I don't know enough about alpaca's draping qualities.

My last consideration about using the Lion Brand yarn, is the limited color options. Toffee, would be the only one I'd consider.

If I used Lily Chin Park Avenue, an alpaca blend, I could knit it in black and wear it at work. Or a silk blend such as Lorna's Laces, Lion & Lamb Solid. The later has a nice deep blue and other deep colors to choose from.

Seems I will have to do a bit of research before I decide to make this or not. Hoping someone on the message board can help me.

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