Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First Paddle of the year and socks plus

It's been a long while, but I'm back posting.

Last Friday was the first paddle of 2009. R surprised me with a trip to Cold Spring and a stay at the Hudson House B&B. It's right on the water and a peaceful quiet place to stay.

Friday was wonderfully drizzly, perfect for a first time on the water this year. It was our engagement anniversary and it was drizzly that day, too. At that point of the Hudson River, both sides have trains tacks. The East side it the commuter trains and the west is cargo. At a few places there is a bridge and you can paddle underneath the tracks to explore a swamp area. R lives for the train experience. We were out for about an hour already and r was complaining that we'd seen no trains. Well, just as we paddled under one of the bridges, a train passed over head and the loud clunk, clunk, clunk of the wheels on the tracks made our day.

And my year of socks is going slow. Problem is, I get bored easily and have been diverted to knitting ballband dishcloths. On my fourth one now. I've foudn that buying 20 differnt colors of yarn is not enough. Silly me I forgot to get shades of red and still can't find the perfect blue for a Mets Team dishcloth gift. Off to Knitty City some time soon.

I've also unhibernated my Minimalist Cardigan. I have been inspired by other making a February sweater and if this cardi turns out ok, I'll have a go at a Feb sweater next.

And I need to learn two color knitting 'cause there's a pair of fingerless gloves, Endpaper Mitts, in my queue I need to make by next winter.

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