Friday, May 22, 2009

First Club Paddle

At 5:45 Robert said "Let's go." By 6:15 I was at the boathouse. Yesterday's weather was in the 80's and clear, a perfect evening to watch the sunset over Manhattan from a kayak.

Five of us, Ted, Jill, Chris, Robert, and myself set out for one of the most peaceful ride up and then wavy ride back.

We paddled to the southern tip of Roosevelt Island and between the little and the island. Then headed East on the East River hugging the Roosevelt side. I had left the dock with trepidation. I hadn't paddled here for years, because the it had always been to rough, with giant waves, reflecting and multiplying off the seawalls. But, tonight it was a placid as could be.

We continued on to Mill Rock Island and waited a short while for the current change. It wasn't changing so we took advantage and paddled over to the West stanchion of the Tribourough Bridge, which has bee renamed something silly like the rfk bridge.

At last the current turned west and an easterly wind picked up. We all know that opposing currents & winds mean waves! There were even some white caps against us, it was great! My bow was going under as we pushed west back to Anable Basin. I don't remember such a good paddle last year.

We all stopped to look at the new dock, which is not in position yet. Then put the boats away and off to the L.I.C. Bar.

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