Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year of Socks

In honor of declaring 2009 my own Year of Socks, I just got 4 sets of dpns needles for knitting socks. All from Knit Picks. US1 wood and metal and also US1.5 both wood & metal.

Their wood is less bendy than the bamboo ones I have so I like them better. THeir wooden needles are also pretty. Will try the 1.5 on a new pair of Monkey socks.

A curious thing about the Monkey Socks page on Ravelry, it suggests US 1.5, yet the pattern suggest US 2. Wonder why the discrepancy? 99% my work turn out great if I use the suggested needles, but my first pair of Monkeys, knit on US 2, are too loose. In my experience, if I use a different needles based on a gauge swatch I have so far always regretted it.

Looking forward to a long car ride in daylight so I can get a bunch of knitting done.

1 comment:

  1. Wait-i'll convert you to 2 socks on circs before the year is out..

    I think its the best way to knit socks!