Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Yarn & New Dentist & Two Questions

Let me start with my two questions:
  1. What's the best way to go about making a chart for a pattern that is only written out like the Winter Lace Afghan?
  2. Will socks be perfectly Ok if I forgot to do the 1/2 inch ribbing at the top when the entire sock is a type of ribbed pattern such as my Campfire socks? Or do I need to frog and start over? I already got to the heel flap.
Two bits for good news today. My yarn arrived for the Winter Lace Afghan and I might not need an extraction and dental implant after all.

I've had a toothache for a 1 1/2 years. The old dentist (DMO) said I just wait until the pain of a root canal & crown stopped on its own, even if it takes months. Then an extraction of the crowned tooth & expensive dental implant. Decided it was time to go to a non-DMO dentist. What a difference paying cash makes. Says he can just fix up the gap between the gum & crown where food gets caught and gets yucky, causing me pain. Crossing my fingers this works

So hyped up I can't sit still. If I had the right knitting needles I run to Central Park and start on the afghan.
Too bad we can't have a new ecomony, too.


  1. How to chart any knitting pattern.

    get some graph paper.. (it doesn't have to be knitting graph paper, which as a different ratio (the 'sqares' aren't--they are rectangles)

    read the direction, and add symbols

    a plain (no mark square) square is a knit, a -dash is a purl,
    /=a knit 2 together
    \=a ssk
    /|\ =a center raised double decrease
    O = yarn Over..
    a shaded gray square =no stitch
    you can also graph onto a Excel spread sheet--which you might find easier!

    lots of patterns are symmetrical (and easier to chart)

    if the pattern is worked flat (and every other row is Purl all stitches(), you can just chart the pattern rows.

  2. Cool!

    I'll download some graph paper on line, print it out. Maybe even create the graph during the Mets Stich & Pitch game.