Friday, September 26, 2008

Mets Win 7, Cubs 6, Afghan 1

Had a lot of fun at yesterday's Stitch & Pitch game at Shea stadium. The Mets had a rainy win, but I didn't get much knitting done. (photos to come)

we had great seats even though they were in the upper level. Evie treated me as a birthday gift. She also go tickets for her friends Leigh, Christine and Jennifer.

We ate Sabarro pepperoni pizza and bottles of Pepsi. a curious thing is that when you buy the soda they do not allow you to keep the cap. Guess, there ha been a rash of peopel throwign bottle caps at the team or each other. Babseball fans can be very weird people. But, they are veyr nice about takign the cap. The cashier a the stand very politely warned us that he had to take the cap and apologized. Of course by the end of hte evening I had spilled two bottles of Pepsi, one al over the outside bottom of my bag. Good thing it was raining

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