Thursday, September 25, 2008

Love that Babette!

I am still working on the Babette and still loving it. I have less than 20 of about 125 squares left.

The substitution of worsted yarn has made the blanket larger than the patter say, which is just what I wanted. The colors have been a bit tricky for me. I was so anxious to get started I made do with whatever the LYS had instead of only getting the right shade and visiting two or three LYS to get it just right.

The blanket was coming out drab & muted, Very disapointing after all that work.

My taupe was too gray, the blue like filthy faded demin, the purple like lilac chalk.

I gathered up my strength and faced the facts, I was making a mess of what could be a beautiful heirloom piece. About 6 weeks ago, I bought three new colors, deleted about 6. Then unraveled and re-crocheted dozens of squares to replace the offending colors.

So glad I went through the effort. It's looking much cheerier, and that is the point. To cheer up my bedroom decor.

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