Monday, July 28, 2008

Ravelers go to City of Water Day

Turns out I am not the only person that paddles and knits around here.

On Saturday , July 26th I met up with a fellow Raveler, Quiltedkayak, at the City of Water Day. She kayaked for four hours from Yonkers to get there. Lazy me, I only kayaked with the LICCB (Long Island City Community Boathouse) two hours from Long Island City.

We had great weather and a fun paddle both ways. Everyone was really great, many good kayakers.

A wonderful support boat helped us with harbor traffic by diverting power boats which attempted to speed between us as if kayaks were cones on an obstacle course.

Once we arrived there were many people to help bring the kayaks to the boat" parking lot".

A beautiful place, I recommend visiting.

Had fun waves and wind speeding us back home. Even a little surfing. Yeeha.

Think everyone was pleasantly exhausted when we got back.

After putting the gear away, everyone sang Happy Birthday to me back at the pier. Thanks. This goes down as one of my top birthdays. Kayaking, friends and got taken out to dinner. How can you beat that?

More pics from others.

And even more pics.

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  1. Monica - great to meet you. Next time I bring knitting TOO!
    Pat S (aka QuiltedKayak)