Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Combining my job and knitting

Here are a few samples of what amazing knitter have put together. They are basically sculptures and are related to my job in medical illustration & photography. If I learn how to knit well enough to design patterns I could possibly come up with a few of my own in the future. That would be lots of fun.

Knitted brain, heart & intestines

Knitted digestive system

Knitted digestive system on Ravelry

And there's the classic Knitted Womb

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  1. Search on Ravelry (vs the WWW) and you'll find:
    knit felted Kidneys
    Knit (and crochet) genitalia (male and female)
    Knit boobs.(as prothesis, and as pocketbooks/purses..)
    there are other version so the knit uterus, (with an ribbed vagina, used to show how birth progresses..)
    Most of these body parts have patterns too, so you can make your own !