Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not Quite Lincoln Center

Even though tonight was the usual Stitch and Bitch evening I was hoping to scalp tickets to see the opera heart throb tenor Juan Diego Florez sing at Lincoln Center. My partner in crime is my friend Evie.

But, even that plan got changed when Evie came into possession of two VIP passes to Yankee Stadium. At first I was hesitant. Me an opera person going to a baseball game??. But, I quickly got over myself and we had the best time. Even the D train ride was fun, squeezed in with hundreds of other Yankee fans, all chattering about the team.

I loved the Yankee cookies, but instead we ate foot long hot dogs and Cracker Jack. Can you believe they almost replaced it with Crunch & Munch a few years ago. That would totally have messed up the "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" song.

I must say that we were disappointed with our giant bag of the stuff though, there were only three tiny peanuts in the entire bag.

We yelled and cheered, booed, did the 7th inning stretch, sang along to God Bless America and danced along with Cotton Eye Joe. And of course, we super cheered whenever Derek Jeter was up to bat.

It was the 72 last game until they move to the new stadium. They ceremoniously pulled a lever near the end of the game to switch the number to 71. Very sad, but the new stadium is looking great. I like that is is a traditional architectural style, and does not have any of that cold Bauhaus International stylin' going on.

Unfortunately, the Yankees lost 6 to 3 to the Detroit Tigers. even the presence of Chris Rock in the audience didn't help.

I knitted my Clapotis throughout the entire game. It's half way done and kept my legs warm in the chilly Spring evening.

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