Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Proof That Knitting Makes You Invisible

I mentioned this before, that knitting renders you invisible around non-knitter, but people poopooed me. I once again have proof.

In my first "study" I was at a family gathering knitting my clapotis in the livingroom. After about 15 minutes people started talking about private matters. And no one addressed me. They talked past me, as if I was not there. And said many things that would normally not be said in front of me. About certain people drinking too much and other people not working enough. The comments I heard about family members was a treasure trove for the drive home with my husband. IT was amazed at all that had been revealed.

Last Saturday it happened again. I was on the subway on my way to BAM for the Paul Simon show. I was knitting away when these two men sat next to me on a mostly empty subway. First clue that I was invisible. These two men, sitting right next to me, talked about very personal topics. They talked about their first sexual arousals, when did they first realize they were gay, and how their parents are dealing with their lifestyle. They covered topics such as is it nature or nuture. Why are their siblings straight and they are not.

I ask you, if they could see me sitting there knitting, do you really think they would of had such intimate discussions? Therefore knitting had rendered me invisible again.

I think more experiments are in order.

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