Monday, March 24, 2008

Socking and Cabling without a net

One good thing about family oriented holidays is that there is a lot of time just sittin' around and knitting. Even if your family think you are looneytunes - "Why don't you just buy a scarf (or socks or hat, etc) if you need one?" - just knit away.

In fact I've realized that when you knit, people often forget you are even in the room and have quite the juicy private conversations with others in front of you. In fact I think my husband will be encouraging me to knit even more often because of all the stuff I was able to report to him on the drive home.

In anycase, the Clapotis continues to progress, my Berroco Comfort socks are complete - photo to come, and I began the KoolHaas hat from Interweave's Holiday issue.

The thing about knitting the Koolhaas is all the cables. To be accurate you have to knit a gazillion cables. Or if you knit the 8 inch version a gazillion bazillion cables. Ah, you say how can you stand to knit a gazillion bazillion cables? Well, it seems that since these are all 2 stitch cables you can cable without a cable needle.

This is my game plan. I haven't tried it yet, but after watching the Wendyknits video, I feel I am ready. I should be trying it out this evening and will report back.

And one more thing, check out this lamp that knits it's own lampshade each time you switch it on.

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