Sunday, March 16, 2008

Craning and Kayaking

First I would like to send out best wishes to our friend Stefan whose house was damaged in the crane collapse on Saturday. He was in his garden when it fell. He ran inside, grabbed his family and got them out safely. If it had been another 5 feet to the left, the crane would have slipped off the apartment building on onto his brownstone. Falling debris smashed the windows on the third floor where his painting studio is. Wishing for a speedy return to your home.

Robert & I were so upset and needed to relax big time. What better way but to paddle in the East River during a freezing rain. It turned out to be a great trip even though it was cold and rainy.
Best of all, because of the conditions, the river was empty. We only saw our Icelandic singer neighbor departing on her converted tug boat yacht, a honey bucket (ship carrying raw sewage), and a real tug pushing a barge.

We paddled from Long Island City to the Water Club in Manhattan. We waved at the restaurant guests, chefs cooking by the windows and a room of bat-mitzvah celebrants.

We headed back past the southern tip of Roosevelt Island and were able to see the crane leaning against the building on 51st Street. Then back to the boathouse.

A friend of Robert's is a NY Times photographer. He covered the story and told us that the images on TV are nothing compared to the devastation in person.

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