Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Caught up in the frenzy

It has only been a week or two since put up it's latest issue and already the Lace Scarf pattern has taken off. It is the third most popular pattern on Ravelry with 263 projects, 222 WIP.

You will probably not believe me when I say that I decided to make this scarf of my own volition. That I actually really liked the pattern and only when I checked Ravelry
later on did I realize it's popularity. I know I am so gullible and so very easy persuaded - a marketer's dream- that you won't believe me. Yet, I swear it is true.

In any case I've had two skeins of Jitterbug in Castagna brown sitting in my stash for about 6 months. I bought them with visions of knee socks in mind. (yeah, like that won't take long or get boring to knit). But, this is a much better use.

I find that I usually like lace patterns knit with solid colors, but I am hoping that the brown tones in this variegated yarn are close enough to show off the lace, yet have some interesting color pooling.

In other news the Koohass hat is going well (Berroco Ultra Alpaca), despite my failure at cabling without a cable needle. My main problem was that once I had switched the stitch order and put them back on the left hand needle,
the two stitches were so tight I had to use a darning needle as a wedge to pry the right hand needle in. Not very productive and certainly not any faster. I ended up using the darning needle to cable since that's all I had with me, and found it faster than a regular curvy cable needle.

Maybe I was doing something wrong? I don't know. Maybe it was a bad needle/yarn combo? Might try it again for another pattern.

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