Friday, March 28, 2008

Almost that time

It's almost time for weekly kayaking. My attempt at winter paddling was a washout. I bought a dry suit, but my husband never got one. Some silly excuse about emergency dental surgery using up his dry suit money. I used my dry suit twice while he paddled in his wet suit.

In the news is the Park Department launch of the NYC water trails. Check out all the sites on their interactive map.

In personal knitting news, my Koolhaas hat progresses, as does my Clapotis.

After starting the Lace Scarf from knitty with my Castagna brown Jitterbug yarn, it was not looking good. The variegated yarn was not showing off the lace. Also, if you look closely at pics of the scarf knit using the suggested Alpaca Sox yarn, the piece looks all fuzzy and drapes nicely. Not like the 100% Jitterbug, which is shiny smooth and elastic. It's beautiful yarn, but I will save it for a more appropriate pattern.

It seems no one in NYC carries the Alpaca Sox, so I ordered it from Classic Elite. It should arrive in a week. And like a typical New Yorker the color I ordered was gray. It is spring after all and gray is much cheerier than black.

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