Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yarn has arrived, but Free Time Hasn't

My Lorna's Laces Yarn arrived on Monday just as Angelika had promised. I was suppose to be in Vermont, but the snow storm on Friday changed our plans. Instead we stayed at a friend's house in Katonah/Bedford, NY.

I did work on the Fetching Gloves for Evie on the drive up. I tried to knit after dinner, but our friend took all six of us on a night time hike. Her property borders on the Audubon Preserve and she has a private entrance just past her tennis courts. She knew the trails and also took us off trail. The moonlight sparkled on the pristine snow covering the tree branches and the ground. We hiked for almost two hours with our flashlights off, just moonlight.

At one point I tackled Robert and threw him down in the snow, then he tackled our hostess and it became an all out snow wrestle mania. I was pegged as the troublemaker after that.

The next day was filled with snowshoeing and sledding at Ward Pond. On the drive home I finished the gloves, except for the thumbs. Picking up stitches is something I need to do at a well lit desk with no interruptions.

Some prep work for the Clapotis. Must learn to pfb and still have to wind the skeins of yarn into balls. I have high hopes for starting the scarf Wednesday? You see, tonight is laundry night.

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