Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sad Sweater

I'm still working (actually guiltily slinking past the shelf I keep it on) my Drop Stitch Cardigan. It's form Interweave Magazinea dn I'm using hte suggested yarn, Tahlki Bunny Print. But, this may be hte first nad last sweater I ever knit.

This is the most difficult thing I've ever knit and unsatisfactory. Sewing seams is a struggle, but I'm getting through OK.

Now that I can try it on I am disappointed at the fit. The chest fits fine, which is what the size is based on, but the sleeves are super tight on my kayaker arms. The waist, shoulders (surprising since I have huge kayaker shoulders, too) and hips are much too large, hangs like a loose, lumpy potato sack.

Still have more seams, the collar and the i-cord edge. I'm losing enthusiasm, but will finish it. It may become part of the gift stash.

It's just so disappointing to do all that work and have it look so lousy on me. Yes, it's looking more and more like a gift for someone.

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