Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's So Last Year

I know that knitting a Clapotis by Kate Gilbert is so last year and it's old news, but I am behind the times. I never knit one last year.

But, as usual nothing is easy. No one in NY has the yarn in stock. Purl in Soho was very nice and called Lorna's Laces, but they are sold out of the Bittersweet colorway themselves.

So I had to choose another color. It took me two days and pestering three friends and one husband to help me pick. In the long run, I think that the Bittersweet would have been too loud for my all black NYC clothing style. (Actually, I wear dark brown and even gray on occasion).

It turns out that a number of on-line places do still have the Bittersweet in stock, but I am in love a Lorna's new colorway - Edgewater. I can wear it with browns and with blue jeans. I'm willing to try it with an all black outfit, too.

I ordered it from Angelika's Yarn Store. It should be here on Tuesday when I get back form snowshoeing in Vermont. Can't wait.

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