Monday, January 21, 2008

Three Days not Enough for Two Sleeves

I am still working on the Drop Stitch cardigan published in Interweave by Amy King in the Bunny Print alpaca. I was hoping that this three day weekend would give me enough free time to finish the two sleeves. After which I would assemble the sweater and knit the collar. BTW, I am not doing the drop stitch part because I bell sleeves look lovely, but weould imped any computer work - which is a daily activity. I've seen a number of people on-line knitting just regular sleeves for this pattern.

But, I also had many other things to fill my free time, such as writing, cooking and shopping.

Friday after work, I participated in the Short Story Challenge with two friends.

My weekend meals included cooking the following: Calamari Neapolitan Style (stewed on white wine, parsley, carrots and homemade tomato sauce) with handmade -with a rolling pin no less - tortelloni stuffed with fresh ricotta & topped it with sage butter; Baked apples and currants; banana buttermilk pancakes with real maple syrup; braised lamb chops, Shitake mushroom & gruyere potatoes au gratin; cooked bosc pears with raw pine forest honey and chopped walnuts; stewed catfish, steamed spinach and basmati & wild rice. Oh, and a Maker's Mark cocktail to mourn the end of the weekend. All I can say is Mario Batali rules. Almost everything was from his Molto Italiano book.

I also did about 6 hours of Photoshop work for the office, watched two movies, bought clothes at Beacon's Closet, and bought a rolling pin, cheese grater and mini salad spinner at the Brooklyn Kitchen.

This afternoon my husband and I went for a walk to look at rosewood and teak planks to make our own kitchen table and ended up dumpster diving. Actually there was no dumpster, just items out on the street. The landlady told us an elderly woman had passed away who had been accumulating "junk" for the forty years she lived there.

Here is a sample of what I took home, brass & copper findings. Actually, I took home literally a few thousand of these. They were all tossed into a large plastic bucket. There are a few nails, tacks, fish hooks (ouch) and screws mixed in, but mostly this decorative stuff. My husband got a firesafe. I also took the handful of really old Life magazines that were bundled together for recycling. Not sure what I will do with all this. Right now it's fun to look at, but I'm not really a pack rat myself.

Those are just a few of the reasons I did not complete the second sleeve. I have high hopes for progressing during the Stitch & Bitch Tuesday.

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