Sunday, January 20, 2008

Seasick in January

If you haven't been home for a while you are homesick. So if I haven't been kayaking a while is that considered being seasick?

I was organizing my photographs and came across this gem from this past summer.

I own a drysuit, but no one I else I know, so I don't have a winter paddling partner. So I'm a bit "seasick" today. I will have to drown my sorrows in knitting.

I bought two more skeins of the baby alpaca, in a off white, at Stitches East. I saw a great scarf at Brooklyn Industries, but since I started knitting I can't buy a scarf like a normal person, I have to knit it.

I printed out a number of reversible cable patterns, but it seems quite the task to write my own pattern extracting the pertinent cabling info. Maybe I'll walk over to the Yarn Tree in Williamsburg and see if they have a pattern I can use.

Of course I have about three other projects going, but there is nothing as attractive as starting a new one.

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