Monday, December 3, 2007

Holidays Half Over

When I had written the previous entry I was dreading Thanksgiving because certain relatives (plural) I'm not comfortable with were expected. Let's just say they rub me the wrong way with their non-stop use of profanity and excessive drinking. Oh, and one of them delights in ridiculing me.

But, the stars were with me and every single one of the dreaded relatives did not show.

I was left with about 25 people who are well meaning, but have nothing in common with me. Their idea of fine dining is the Best Western Hotel restaurant, intellectual reading is Life Magazine, their dream president is Guiliani, and apparently I am going to hell because I had a bite of food to stave off my low-blood-sugar dizzy spell before saying grace. I'm not catholic, so I always forget that ritual. And since the kids play violent video games every waking moment, I didn't want to hang out with them either.

On the bright side since I had no one to talk to, I got a lot of knitting done. I finished the back panel of my first sweater, the drop-stitch cardigan by Amy King from Interweave Magazine. Fall 2005 I believe. I also started one of the front panels. Aside from the beautiful variegated purples and grays, the feel of the alpaca blend yarn is wonderful. I'm hoping it fits once i finish it and I can wear it often.

I do plan on modifying the pattern. The dropped stitches make the sleeves bell out and that would freak me out at work when I'm typing and typing all day. So plain ribbed sleeves and also a plain ribbed collar.

And I hope they have organic turkey, home made cranberry sauce and fresh pumpkin pie in hell.

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