Sunday, November 4, 2007

Vogue Scarf is Finished!!

It took four hours of assembling to complete the scarf.

Sewing a crystal into each flower, arranging the flowers, attaching the flowers to each other and lastly attaching the flowers to the base.

I watched one Betty Davis movie and several TV shows while sewing & sewing. But it is done!!!
What surprised me about the finished piece is how heavy the silk and crystals make this. It feels warm & snuggly soft to wear. Functional and beautiful, too. Thanks, Nicky Epstein for designing this.

Now I can work on Robert's socks.

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  1. beautiful--you must have looked a dream... (the best thing about the opera it is one place where people still dress up! half the fun is dressing to go, don't you think?

    (ps, i am sending Nicky a link to your blog, so she can see you finished scarf...