Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Scarf Goes to the Opera

Last night my scarf and me accompanied Evie to the Metropolitan Opera. Evie wore her new shoes and purse. We saw what has got to be one of the most bizarre operas ever, the Magic Flute.

It was all about a prince who had to undergo torture by the Free Masons in order to be allowed to be with a princess. The princess was being held captive by the Free Masons who had kidnapped her from her mother, the Queen of the Night.

The Free Masons put a monstrous looking guy in charge of keeping the
princess captive, but this ugly guy kept trying to rape the princess. At first no one would believe her claims of attempted rape and even afterwards the Free Mason cult leader, just let the guy off if he went away. Wow, scary, depressing stuff. They would blindfold her and lead her around from prison area to prison area. Very misogynistic story themes.

It was never clear what the Queen had done wrong to merit having her daughter taken from her. The Queen finally sneaked into the F M temple and gave the daughter a knife so that she could kill her captor. But, the daughter was so brain washed by the time she refused.

I could go on and on about how messed up this story was. Maybe I'm missing something, but it was not the whimsical opera I had expected based on Julie Taymor doing the sets & costumes. I'll read my opera synopsis more closely before going next time.

Still, the sets were dazzling and the costumes fantasic. I loved the dancing polar bears.


  1. that scarf was one of the best dates i've had in a long time!

  2. Monica goes on and on about the disturibng themes of the opera - I agree - but I just liked the pretty lights. :)