Thursday, November 8, 2007

Planning for my Next Pair of Socks

I'm always thinking about 5 projects ahead of what I'm actually working on.

For example Right now I am finishing a pair of wool men's socks, working on a black kid mohair scarf which will get tiny shocking pink knit roses sewn on th ends, am waiting for my green variegated mohair Bunny Print blend yarn to arrive for my first sweater. Yet, I am already thinking of starting another pair of socks. Pink ones.

The first socks I made had a regular cast on, and was it ever hard to get my feet in them. I painstakingly loosened the cost-on before I finished the ends. From then on, using a trick a friend told me about , I have been using a needles 2 sizes larger than those for the rest of the project to cast on. Many months ago, Helen form the knitting group told me about the German Twisted Cast On. And I am finally ready to try it.

In preparation I searched the internet for a video tutorial and I found one that clearly explains. Click to watch German twisted Cast On.

1 comment:

  1. good video.. watch it again..

    she doesn't articulate it, but as she is finishing the stitch (bring the loop made from index finger yarn) and passing back through twisted, thumb loop, she flexes her thumb.

    Flexing your thumb helps!

    so now watch the video (turn the sound off even!), and watch how her thumb bends forward, and make the thumb loop a bit slack, and that allows you to ease the newly formed stitch through the twist!