Monday, November 19, 2007

The food Won't Be Natural, but at Least the Fibers Will Be.

It's the Monday before Thanksgiving and it's time to prepare for the holiday weekend. This means deciding on which projects to bring in order to keep my sanity during Thursday & Friday.

I'm leaning towards making sure I bring all natural fibers to my in-laws, since based on their grocery list, none of the food will be. Yes, they actually email a grocery list to each person and tell you which item you are required to bring. It's not about saving money since they all own SUVs, houses or a MacMansion, in-ground swimming pools, Hd TVs, etc. And the cost of the foods they ask for would only be loose change for these people. Turkey Day dinner will be a bonanza of canned, instant, preformed, premixed, artificially flavored, chemically colored, preserved food stuff.

Let me vent. I thought, it's my second year of marriage, let me try to be more myself around them. I offered to buy fresh rolls - they insisted on Pilsbury preformed & premixed pastries; I offered to make fresh cranberry sauce with orange zest, they cringed and requested canned; I said I don't mind hand whipping as much cream as you need, they whined the spray cans are easier.

I knew enough to not even offer my garlic laced tomato bruschetta as a supplement to their celery stuffed with cream cheese.

So if the meal can't be natural, at least the fibers in my knitting projects can be. I'll bring my Bunny Print alpaca sweater from Interweave magazine and merino fingerless gloves from I will sit in a corner of the living room as I usually do every year and do that "nutty" & "weirdo" knitting thing. At least I get a lot of projects done each holiday season.

Pass the Cheese Whiz and a skein of alpaca.

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  1. i keep coming back to this post.. (and my most recent blog is, though it might not be recognizable as such, a response!)

    my thanksgiving dinner was the opposite.. everything was organic,or free range, or local, or homemade-- and most was foods native to the americas..

    but in the end its the company, not the food, isn't it? the classic It's the thought that counts

    You contribute (not perhaps the way you'd like) but your contribution helps make you one of the family, and in the end, isn't that what really matters?