Monday, November 12, 2007

Customer Service Still Exists

I recently sent away for the highly touted set of interchangeable circular needles from Knit Picks. I was very excited when they arrived complete with a loose leaf binder style zippered case. It was Halloween Day so I only had time to unpack them quickly while dining at a Chinatown Noodle shop before dashing down to Trinity Church for their Nosferatu Screening with amazing live organ accompaniment by Cameron Carpenter.

This Sunday was my first day at home without a gazillion things to do. Also, my order of Tahki Bunny Print yarn for my first garment ever, had arrived. So it was time to sit on the living room floor and knit gauge swatches.

I had always thought I was a very loose knitter based on a hat pattern I'd followed which gave me a hat 1 1/2 times the circumference of my fairly large head. According to these swatches I am a tight knitter as I far as I can figure.

First I tried US 8 and instead of 14 1/2 per 4" I got 16 3/4 per 4". Then I tried US 9 and finally US 10. US 10 was almost on the money, but I figured why not check out US 10 1/2. At first I was befuddled when my 10 1/2 needles looked the same size as my 10.

Knit Picks needles have no size info etched or printed on them. Which is OK by me because my Clover bamboo needles have the size etched in and this tiny edge catches on most yarns. Thus I have switched to smoother KA bamboo needles and never buy Clover anymore.

Back to my Knit Pick needles, after using two separate gauge rulers it was clear that my Knit Picks set had two US 10 and no US 10 1/2. Well, these things happen, but what was pleasantly surprising was how Knit Picks handled this.

When I called this morning they simply said "So sorry, we'll ship you the US 10 1/2 immediately at no charge and keep the extra US 10 needles as a gift". Two minute conversation and total customer satisfaction. No arguing, no going to the post office to weigh a package, no waiting weeks for my return to clear, no paying extra postage.

The dreaded rigmarole I was prepared for never even started. I was very impressed and told them so. I started my cardigan with the Knit Pick needles and the metal is has just the right amount of slip to grip. Best of all the wire is soft and does not curl up into my fingers. I will look to them next time I order supplies.

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