Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Swinging Bridge Reservoir Trip

About three years ago a sink hole was found by the dam at Swinging Bridge Reservoir. The dam needed repair work and the only way to do it was to drain the water. So for three years the reservoir has been a marsh. Last month the water was let back in ans first the first time in years boats can travel the full length of the reservoir.

Robert found this place using Google maps. What a great find. The put in was half way north. We paddled 5 miles to the northern end and back. You can tell by the large marina that this body of water used to have a lot of noisy motor boat traffic. We saw very few other boats. I would guess this was because it is already October and normally it would be chilly for most to enjoy boating. Also, it will take time before boaters come back to an area that has been a marsh for years.

The few local people we met said they have never seen kayaks there. One couple had lived for over twenty years and were overjoyed to see kayaks for the first time. It seems that the home owners on the land have no say as to whether motor boats are allowed. the government regulates the reservoir and since they collect a lot of revenue from motor boat licenses, they are allowed. Everyone the hates the noise.

But, for now it is a great place to paddle. Large enough to paddle for hours and beautiful landscape views. There are two free,open to the public launch areas with parking. No restrooms and no nearby food.

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