Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Sucker for Sparkly Things

When the anniversary issue of Vogue Knitting came out I loved many , many things. (There were cute dresses which I will never make, but would love to buy ready made and at a discount price as I usually buy clothes). But, the silver theme really got to me. You must understand that I am a sucker for sparkly things. If it sparkles I want it. It doesn't matter that it would be inappropriate & impractical to wear a Swarovski crystal bead encrusted shirt with a full length black cashmere skirt and 4 inch pumps to the office, I would want to. As long as the shirt sparkles. This is desire, not common sense.

So when I saw the flower scarf on the cover, I thought it's sparkly, but just a scarf so I could actually live my sparkly dreams. I just kept envisioning myself at dinner with Robert wearing my little black dress and the scarf. Or at a holiday celebration, wearing black pants & a deep purple shirt with the scarf. Even if I never were to wear it, I still want it and I want to make it myself. On top of that it is an easy pattern, although you need to knit, make and attach 25 flowers each with a crystal bead.

I've had anough bad experience substituting yarns so I knew I wanted only the exact
yarn listed. Three colors of Silk Purse by Alchemy Yarns of Transformation. How's that for a long name for a little piece of yarn? But only a few stores in NYC carry it and they were all sold out. So I ordered it online from Purl. The pewter and diamonda color are on their way and I am on a waiting list for the silver.

Not sure where to get the Swarovski beads.

I am so excited, but my friends, even knitter son't seem to understnad. It's just another scarf to them. Yet, it screams out to me to be knit.

Why do I want to make this? Hmm. I am advancing as a knitter and I'm bored with making the endless garter stitch scarves as gifts for family. Yet,I couldn't imagine spending real money on yarn and weeks or months of my free time making one item for a person that unenthusiastically say "Thanks", and then might throw it to their yard sale pile.

Also, I have been buying too much yarn with out making anything with it. just pretty colors. I have about 30 skeins/balls like this. A very small stash by some standards, but I hate waste. I have promised myself to not buy anymore yarn just 'cause it's pretty. Only for a specific project.

And lastly, I've been making gifts for people and I wold like a gift for myself. And since I know I will appreciate all the time, money adn effort, I decided to splurge.

At the worst it will end up in a storage box, but I know evey time I look at it, it will make me smile.

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  1. both michaels and ac moore (the first on Metropolitan avenue at Woodhaven blvd, the second a block east of woodhaven blvd on Union turnpike) carry Swarovski beads in several sizes/colors shapes.

    Not cheap, but you can bike there (if ambishious!) or take the local v/g/r to woodhaven and then take the bus don't know the number, but its the one the runs down woodhaven blvd..

    it's a dreary walk from one store to the other but not very long-- (its practically a hiway.) Up hill (over LIRR) and down.. (as the crow flies, they are just 2 blocks apart, but about a miles walk)