Monday, October 1, 2007


Ever since I visited a friend's house, Hoong Yee, and saw a gossamer pink spiral scarf hanging on the staircase banister I have been wanting one for myself.

I ended up finding a vague pattern on-line.The basic idea is that you knit a row and then you increase every stitch in hte next row, knot row, increase row, etc. I like using kfb.

It suggested using yarn lighter than heavy worsted weight (?). Doesn't that just mean plain old worsted weight? Although, what inspired me was clearly made out of mohair, the idea of a non fuzzy spiral in lime green was too fun to pass up. So I got myself yarn, rewrote & corrected the pattern so I could understand it and you can see the fun results pictured here.
It's a very easy pattern if you know how to increase. I moslty knitted during a few car trips, after dinner several evenings and during this kayak trip.

I plan on making another one with a mohair blend I have in burgundy.

You end up with a scarf about 4 feet long. The paddle & knit pics were taken on Denning's Point on the Hudson River. I was killing time by knitting while waiting for the other three paddlers to finish loading their boats after eating.

My cat Miss Abagail Adams is modeling the finished item. She often assists with my projects.

Below is the pattern I wrote out.

Use two skeins of worsted weight yarn - about 250 yards. I used US 15 circular needles - 36", but use longer ones if you can - it was very tight by the end. Use 48" if you can.

CO 100 stitches
Row 1 Knit
Row 2 Kfb
Row 3 Knit
Row 4 Kfb
Row 5 Knit
Row 6 Kfb
Row 7 Knit
Row 8 Kfb

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  1. your pattern is just one of several styles of spiral (and double spiral) scarves. (its often called the potato chip scarf, cause its hard to stop at one!)

    an alternate style (that is very similar in appearance) starts with 22 stitches.
    R1, k11, p11
    R2, K9, wrap and turn, (short row)
    R3, Purl 9
    R4 K6, w&T
    R5 P 6
    R6 K3, W&T
    R7 P 3
    R8, K11, picking up wraps as you go, Purl 11

    R9, k11, p11
    R10, K9, wrap and turn, (short row)
    R11, Purl 9
    R12 K6, w&T
    R13 P 6
    R14 K3, W&T
    R15 P 3

    Repeat, starting from row 1.

    It can be made more interesting if you use 2 colors of yarn (k11,MC switch yarn, P11 with CC)

    there are also several modular teckniques.. (knit a triangle, pick up stitches on one edge, knit a triangle.. this spiral scarf is less curly, but still is a spiral.

    Knitting Nature (Norah Gourgham) has a spiral scarf done with hexagons..

    you could knit a half dozen spirals, and each would be a totally different technique, and spiral!