Thursday, October 18, 2007

Scarf progress

The yarn has all arrived and I went crazy last week and ordered the real-deal Swarovski crystal beads. Vogue claims this will become an instant heirloom piece. Well, I'm getting old and I don't have a single heirloom yet. I better get on the ball and start gathering heirlooms. After all, what will people fight over after my death if there aren't a few crystal encrusted scarves hanging in the closet or a wad of cash stuffed inside my mattress?

The entire piece is the same triangle pattern over and over, so this is a great TV and conversation project. Not that good if you're trying to kill time, because it doesn't take much brain power.

I decided to just do the knitting first and then I save the assembling for last. I made one flower and it's magical to pull that string tight and the see the flower form. I'm typically a dessert first person, but I'm practicing patience by waiting.

As you can see, I made all 7 Diamonda colored flower pieces and have started on the Pewter edge. 47 triangles in all. Then 11 Pester flowers and 7 Silver flowers. Guess I need to watch lots of TV.

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