Friday, October 5, 2007

Monica Knittinghands

Yesterday I cut one of my fingers very badly. Once I had finished administering first aid and calmed down a bit my first thought was not , can I do my graphic design job, but can I still knit?? I knit continental and it was my left index finger that got hurt. I had to finish at the office and go to a hair salon appointment Brooklyn, so I had to wait until I got to the salon before I could grab the needles and try it out. To my relief I can knit, although a but slower.

You should note that I of course had a knitting project with me and that I knit in public. Yes, I am one of those knitters. Unashamed to let the world know I have a knitting habit.

But, this morning, morbid people that my husband and I are. We got to thinking, what if the injury had been worse? What if my finger had gotten cut off? Instead of a peg finger (like a peg leg) I would invent a knitting finger, where I could put on various size knitting needles. It would be just like those interchangeable knitting needle sets. I know this would not be very practical, but this is just the twisted sense of humor Robert & I have. But, I would become Monica Knittinghands.

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