Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Christmas in October

I love mail order. I love ordering stuff on-line. I am also the queen of returns. Last Christmas I bought three down coats for my husband, had friends try them all on and then returned two of them (The LL Bean waterproof down parka won out over the North face (humongo) and the Eddie Bauer down parka - no wind proof zipper, not waterproof)

So mail order rules. When that package arrives, it's like Christmas, except you know you are getting a gift you really want. It is not a glass brick with glitter lights inside (actual gift I received) or an acrylic red knit sweater with two black applique Scotty dogs each with a tartan collar (also real gift).

So I wasn't upset at all when everyone was sold out of the silk yarn for the Vogue anniversary scarf. I knew a gift would be coming for me in the mail. I ordered from I must say they make a nice presentation. I mean the yarn was basically gift wrapper in bright tissue paper with a festive logo sticker.

This yarn is very soft and shimmery. Beautiful. Silk Purse by Alchemy Yarns of Transformation. I want to start working on this when I have at least an hour or two, probably this weekend. I have a few other projects going wish it would be impossible to finish first. A pair of wool socks for Robert, a mohair scarf for the receptionist at work, and a pale green scarf I started last winter. Also, waiting, but unstarted are a few more gifts such as a black Brangelina hat for one of my three sister-in-laws.

Nest week I start searching for the Swaroski beads. There is a Michaels' in Queens, but it was recommended by a LYS owner that I go the the beading district in Manhattan.

And this scarf is officially my first hand knitted gift to myself. I think I'll gift wrap it when it's done and give it to myself. I may not be surprised, but I'll certainly appreciate all the work that went into it.

Hopefully I will have it done in time for The Zauberflote at the Metropolitan Opera on November 6th. My friend, Evie, & I bought dress circle seats and plan on both wearing black dresses. I can see us sipping champagne during intermission and me with "the" scarf.

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