Monday, October 22, 2007

Beautiful Newtown Creek

On Saturday we paddled up Newtown Creek. I've never bee past the sewage treatment plant. It was very surreal and otherworldly. The only other people we saw for hours were a tour guide from and his two clients.

We passed under the BQE and a few other bridges. we saw lots of industry and some old buildings overgrown with vines and weeds.

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  1. did you know that the newtown pippin (a variety of apple that is not as popular as it once was, but still can be found) was originally from a farm on Newtown creek? the farm was later owned by the bordens (of bordens milk fame)
    (sad that there are very few newtown pippins to be found today in queens--the pippin is a small (pippin) apple that is tart and firm and was popular for cider and baking..