Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tides in Your Palm & Make Your Own "Paddle & Knit" Scarf

Do you think one is a kayaking geek, when one carries around the tides for the entire world, for the next 20 years in your pda? What if you only have this info for the NY area, Hudson Valley, Maine and Massachusetts? OK, maybe I am still a little geeky.

I wanted all fellow kayaking geeks to know about free software for you palm pda called Tide Tool. I've been using it for years and it works
really well. I can take a spur of the moment trip on the Hudson and just look up the tides. Or plan a trip to where ever, scheduling it with the best tide or full moon phases.

Here, as promised it the finished "Paddle & Knit" scarf started while kayaking in Maine.
Lion Brand Acrylic Yarn, 2 colors and US 9 needles. t is 41 inches long with out the ruffle.

Here is the scarf knitting pattern:

First knit the scarf, then you will make two ruffles and sew then on.
CO 27
Row 1-4 Seed Stitch in color A (*K1, P1: repeat to end)
Row 5-6 Switch to color B and two more rows of seed stitch

Then follow this pattern until the scarf is the length you like:

Continue with color B
Row 1, 3, 5 *K3,P3; repeat from *
Row 2, 4, 6 *P3,K3; repeat from *
Row 7, 9, 11 *P3,K3; repeat from *
Row 8, 10, 12 *K3, P3; repeat from *

repeat until desired length.
2 rows of seed stitch
Switch to color A 4 rows of seed stitch

Bind Off

Ruffle, follow for each of two ruffles.

CO 54 using color A
Seed Stitch Pattern"
Row 1 *K1, P1; repeat from *
Row 2 *P1. K1; repeat from*
repeat until desired length
Then a row of *K2TOG; repeat for entire row.
A row of K
Bind off

Next sew the ruffles on. Then you'll have an official Paddle & Knit scarf. It's even better if you knit part or all of it while seated in a kayak or other human powered boat.

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