Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Summer vacation

Here are two pics form this summer's vacation in Maine. You can see, that true to my blog title, one can paddle AND knit.

The pics were taken by my husband, Robert. We were off the coast of Isle Au Haut, an island 6 miles south off of the Maine mainland. Behind me you can see the Atlantic Ocean and out of sight, beyond the horizon, is Europe. It just gives me chills that people set out in small ships without gps, radios or other modern technologies and just crossed an ocean. Just think we could have turned around and paddled off to another continent. At least in theory.

This is my new Wilderness Systems Tempest 165 which handled wonderfully, even during a low grade small craft warning.

While getting the camera ready, two Harbor porpoises swam by us from the ocean into the island's small harbor. We recognized them by their distinctive dorsal fin shape.

Of course you all want to know what I am knitting in my paddling induced "man hands"! It's 100% pure acrylic yarn and plastic US 9 needles. Note the plastic ziplock bag. A scarf, 6 rows of seed stitch, then a basket weave and finally 6 rows of seed stitch to end. I will post pics of the piece, which I finished after returning home.

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