Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My First Pompom

Here is my fist pompom and also my first scarf & matching hat set. The set will be a gift for someone come holiday time. With 8 brother & sister in laws, I have to start early with the gift knitting. My mother-in-law outright has told me she wants no hats, scarves, etc. Ok, then.

I would like to get a pompom kit, but when I decided the hat needed a pompom, it was 11pm and no where near a knitting shop. It's odd how forlorn the hat looked without it and how fun it looks with the mini pompom. (How many times can I write pompom, I love saying pompom, is there a reason I can use this word at the office?) Instead I followed the pompom making direction in my Vogue Knitting: the Ultimate Knitting Book and it was easy.

The yarn was Patons Divine in Richest Rose. The scarf is basic garter stitch and the hat was done on straight US 10 needles with a seam . This set was done with just one skein.

1 comment:

  1. I like pom poms, not on every hat, but they are fun.

    and for years, i too made circles to make them. but i finally broke down and bought a pom pom kit (there are several styles, i like the Susan Bates one, (3 disks that make 3 sizes, and each disk can be snapped together, creating a range of sizes, (small, bigger but still small, medium, larger but not large, large and extra large!)

    is this hat and scarf set for you? or for a gift?