Monday, September 24, 2007

Glen Island Trip & White Brangelina Hat

This weekend Robert & I paddled around Glen Island and area. We launched at the public kayak launch in Orchard Beach Park. We went by Davids Island, Whortleberry Island and Hart Island. There were 2 foot waves, but the huge volume of boat traffic really threw us around.

It seemed too dangerous to land safely on Hart Island. ANd lucky for us it was, since we only found out today that there is a big fine AND a 1 one year jail term for trespassing. Yikes. Why don't they post big signs to warn people?

Turns out this island is owned by the Department of Corrections for use as a potter's filed. As I understand it it is still in use today and the prison inmates do the burying and maintaining of the place. If you read the link, you'll see that they also bury amputeed limbs here, too. In boxes marked "REFUSE". Why bother marking them, because a trespasser might be digging up the graves?

During the cold war this island had several missile silos. The remnants of the missile silos are still there. Would be great to have a look around, but not worth becoming a jail bird.

Overall it was beautiful weather and the confused waves kept the paddling interesting, but exhausting. Know we will sleep well.

Our friends, Les, Jeff, Frederico, their mom and Paco the spaniel, met us with their power boat and we drifted along together for about an hour. There is a pic of us deciding where on City Island to meet for dinner. We recommend the Crab Shanty. Huge portions and wonderful service. Get the broiled lobster tails.

Robert and I paddled back to the kayak put in just as the sun was setting.

The parking lot was almost empty except for a couple leaning against their car making out. They switched to the other side of their car when we arrived.

And for good measure I'm throwing in a pic of a recently finished hat. It's modeled after a hat Angelina Jolie was wearing on the cover of a celebrity magazine. Like most of my projects it will be a Christmas gift. In fact this particular one has already been requested by my mom when she saw it in progress. The Lion's Brand yarn is very thick, warm and soft. It is quick and very easy to knit, the Brangelina Hat. I got this
free and fast pattern from Crazy Aunt Purl web site. Every time I made this hat someone requests it. One of my sister in laws has also requested it in black. It will be the fourth one.

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  1. And I am the proud owner of one and can't wait for it to get chilly enough so I can wear it!