Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Knitting in the News

My husband pointed out this article from today's New York Times. It shows women knitting blankets as a response to the Virginia tech shooting.


My husbands asks, why don't they put their energy into preventing future shootings instead? All I can say is that knitting is therapeutic.

On another topic, Helen of Troy, has asked if it is dangerous, disease-wise to paddle in the East River. I am not a specialist, but my husband has been paddling for 6 years on the East River and this will be my 4th year. Neither of us has ever gotten sick from it. In fact we are rarely ever sick. Maybe, the river has curative powers like the old mineral springs people used to visit at Saratoga Springs in the 19th Century.

You might be surprised to learn about NYC Swim, a group that organizes swimming events in the waters around Manhattan.

Also, a recent article in The Economist attributes "good bacteria" with alleviating everything from Arthritis to depression. Maybe, that's why I feel so good after a paddle.


  1. well if they knit Vest, of multi layers of silk, they would be, in effect bullet proof, (silk is very strong!)

    i don't think this will do anything to stop shotting.

    it might do something to make the knitters feel better though. and it might make who ever gets the blankets feel better too.

  2. There are even folks who dive the East River:

    They track tropical fish, among more mundane ones, ofcourse, that cruise the waters of even the Gowanus Canal!