Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Dream Vacations

I've been thinking that since my husband and I are approaching 50, an age when a number of friends have retired, we need to start practicing for retirement by going on as many world trips as possible.

I am putting my vote in for kayaking the coast of Scotland, Bonaire, Panama & the Bahamas, Baja California,

My friends, Greg & Janet, who are both talented painters are doing a lot of exciting traveling. Greg has always been a great traveler and especially a technical climber. Not just hiking, but with ropes, gear and also ice climbing. Even cold weather does not stop him since many of the climbs were in the winter. I asked him for list of the peaks has scaled. He has posted a partial list on his web site. That's a lot of mountain climbing. I'm exhausted just reading them all.

I 'll stick with kayaking because, first of all, your sittign down the whole time and second, if you fall over, you don't fall very far.