Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sock progression, sock inspection & sock stash

It has finally happened - I finished my first sock. I figured it out using instructions gathered from 6 sock patterns and one trip to Downtown Yarns. The owner of Downtown Yarns, Rita, was nice enough to explain the heel turn using socks she had in the store.

I did notice that the sock was more stretched out each time I tried it on. I hope they stay wearable after a few times. Maybe washing will get them back in shape. This yarn is Koigu, so it is hand wash only.

My cat inspected the socks by sniffing them. Klaus Kinski the cat inspecting the sock as the toes decreases are almost complete. Klaus said to do a few more rounds and then
you'll be ready for the kitchener stitch.
Now the big challenge is making a matching sock.

After the second sock is complete, I am ready for more socks. Here is a pick of my sock stash. Thee first two from the left I bought today at Stitches East. The first is Patons Troy self patterning sock yarn,merino & nylon, superwash. The second is from the Great Adirondack Yarn Company. Hand painted and surprisingly also superwash. It is Merino, silk & nylon.

The third (red tones) is another Koigu. This will be next, since my first pair were Koigu and I now have a formula written up and already have the gauge worked out, etc. The fourth is Jitterbug, made in Wales. It says Easy Care which I am hoping is the same as superwash. 100% merino. This will be my third pair since it is the same thickness as the Koigu.

Ultimately, if this sock thing works out, everyone will be getting a hat or a pair of socks for the holidays. I have 10 months to get it right. Wish me luck.

Speaking of luck, this boat goes on sale on Friday. I am crossing my fingers that they don't sell out before then. It is Wilderness Systems Tempest 165, Cross your fingers for me, too.

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